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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Fabrication and Testing of Self-balancing Robot With Remote Control…Kumari, Vinita; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh
2015-06-01Fabrication And Wear Analysis Of Particulate Filled Glass Ionomer Cement Mixed Dental Composites...Meena, Uttam Kumar; Assistant Professor, Dr. Amar Patnaik
2017-06-01Face And Expression Recognition Using Pca And Distance Classifiers…Mekala, Lavanya; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh
2016-06-01Failure Analysis & Improvement of Ti6Al4V Dental Implant...Verma, Arvind Kumar; Singh, Dr. Amit
2016-06-01Fault Detection of Two Stage Reduction Gearbox Using Vibration Analysis Techniques…Kurkute, Sanmati; Singh, Dr. Amit
2016-06-01Finite Element Analysis Of Shell Structures...Gautam, Ajay Kumar; Assistant Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal; Associate Professor, Dr. Rajesh Gupta
2016-04-01Finite Element Analysis of Simply Supported Steel-Concrete Composite Girder Under Impact Loading…., Alok; Gupta, Dr. Rajesh; Agrawal, Dr. Vinay
2016-06-01Finite Element Modelling Of Fiber Reinforced Concrete...Sharma, Saurabh; Associate Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal; Associate Professor, Dr. Rajesh Gupta
2016-06-01Finite Element Modelling Of Hollow Concrete Blocks…Sharma, Sonam Kumari; Tiwari, Dr. S K; Nagar, Dr. Ravindra
2015-06-01Forward-Reverse Supply Chain Network Design And Planning With Embedded Risk Of Facility And Supply Disruptions...Jain, Kapil; Professor, Prof. A. P. S. Rathore
2017-07-01FPGA based Secure and Reliable Face Recognition System...Sharma, Vipul; Joshi, Dr. Amit M
2019-06-01Frequency sweep and width Optimization of memos based Digital logic gates…Mali, Rajveer; Bhargava, Prof. Lava
2017-06-01Gain Enhancement Of C-Band Antenna Using Fss Reflectors…Kumar, Suresh; Yadav, Prof. R. P.
2019-07-01Gain Enhancement of Circularly Polarized Square Slot Antenna Using Artificial Magnetic Conductor…Arora, Rajat; Yadav, Prof. R.P.
2016-06-01Glacier Facies Mapping Using Fcm And Evaluation of Its Accuracy...Sharma, Kritiza; Professor, Dr. Gunwant Sharma
2016-06-02Groundwater Modelling of Sanganer...Sharma, Yogendra; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2017-06-01Hci Using Eye-Motion-Tracking…T V, Akhil; Agarwal, Sanjeev
2017-06-01Heat And Mass Balance Study Of A Single Slope Solar Still…Agarwal, Ankur; Rohatgi, Dr. Nirupam
2017-06-01High Electron Mobility Transistors For Microwave & High-Power Applications And Developing Child Scheduler Application For Smart Tv…Prasanna, Challa Krishna; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2016-06-01A Hybrid Fuzzy Multi Attribute Decision Making Approach for Prioritizing Catering Service Companies...Kumar, Sanjeev; Mittal, Dr. M L