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2014-07-15Study of Non-Revenue Water With Special Reference to Jaipur City...Vijay, Arvind; Professor, Dr. Y. P. Mathur
2015-07-01Use Of Jarosite As Part Replacement Of Fine Aggregates In Concrete And Its Effects On DurabilityMehra, Priyansha; Gupta, Dr. R.C.
2015-08-01Groundwater Modelling using FDM in Chaksu region....Poonia, Nidhi; Associate Professor, Dr. Mahender Choudhary,
2015-09-01Performance analysis of activated sludge process and enhancement of energy yield using excess sludge as a flocculent in the primary settling tank - A case study of STP Delawas...Jangid, Dharmraj; Gupta, Dr. A.B.; Vyas, Dr. R.K.
2015-11-01Multi-Objective Optimization Of The Electrocoagulation Process For Removal Of Fluoride From Drinking Water And Subsequent Control Of Residual Aluminium…Sinha, RIcha; Mathur, Dr. Sanjay
2016-01-01Strength and durability studies on concrete containing granite Cutting waste as partial replacement of sandSingh, Sarbjeet; Nagar, Dr. Ravindra
2016-02Strength, Durability, Ductility and Fire Performance of Concrete Containing Waste Rubber Tyre Ash and Rubber Fiber as Partial Replacement of Fine AggregateGupta, Trilok; Chaudhary, Dr. Sandeep
2016-03-01Strength And Durability of Concrete Containing Discarded Crumb Rubber Tire...Thomas, Blessen Skariah; Gupta, Dr. R. C. Professor
2016-07-01Vertical Up-flow Constructed Wetlands to Improve Secondary Treated Wastewater: Microbiological Contaminants Removal…Sharma, Gargi; Brighu, Dr. Urmila; Jat, Dr. Mahesh K.; Mittal, Prof. Atul K.
2016-07-01Mechanics-Based Monotonic Load-Deformation Curves Of Beam To Column Joints For Nonlinear Seismic Analysis Of Steel Moment Frame Buildings...Kasar, Arnav Anuj; Bharti, Dr. S. D.
2016-07-01Temporal variation of inflow to the dams of Rajasthan state with special reference to Ramgarh and bisalpur dams...Gupta, Naveen Kumar; Jethoo, Dr. Ajay Singh
2016-07-08Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Conceptual Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs...Sancheti, Gaurav; Professor, Dr. Ravindra Nagar; Asst. Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal
2016-08-01Highway Drainage Maintenance And Safety : A Case StudySingh, Pratap; Choudhary, Dr. Mahender
2016-12-01Treatment Of Textile Wastewater Using Soil As A Low-Cost Adsorbent...Priya; Priya; Brighu, Dr. Urmila
2017-01-01Modeling And Analysis Of Ready Mix Concrete Slump Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms-Artificial Neural Networks...Chandwani, Vinay; Agrawal, Dr. Vinay
2017-02-01Crop water management in semi-arid Climatic zone of Western Maharashtra...Dhotre, Sukhadeo Tukaram; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant
2017-02-01Mechanical and durability studies on Concrete Containing Kota-stone Waste...Rana, Aditya; Kalla, Dr. Pawan
2017-05-01Study of Impact of Some Aspects of Environmental Changes at Keoladeo National Park (KNP), Wetland Bharatpur...Sharma, Neeraj; Mathur, Prof. Y.P.
2017-08-01Performance evalu Friction course and stone matrix asphalt mixes Malaviya national institute of technology jaipur Ormance evaluation of open graded...Sharma, Neha; Swami, Dr. B. L.
2017-12-01Performance Evaluation of Rubberized Geopolymer Concrete and Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortar...Luhar, Salmabanu; Chaudhary, Dr. Sandeep