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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07-08Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Conceptual Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs...Sancheti, Gaurav; Professor, Dr. Ravindra Nagar; Asst. Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal
2018-02-01Behaviour of Cement Concrete Containing Marble Waste as Coarse Aggregate in Aggressive Environment...Kore, Sudarshan Dattatraya; Vyas, Dr. Ashok K.
2017-02-01Crop water management in semi-arid Climatic zone of Western Maharashtra...Dhotre, Sukhadeo Tukaram; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant
2018-09-01Development Of Rainfall-Runoff Empirical Models In Banas River Basin…Vyas, Sunill Kumar; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant; Mathur, Prof. Y.P.
2018-01-01Durability Study On Partial Replacement Of Dholpur Stone Wastes As Coarse Aggregate In Concrete…K.s, Sanjiv Kumar; Gupta, Prof. Ramesh Chandra; Shrivastava, Dr. Sandeep
2018-07-01Effects Of Discontinuities On The Behavior Of Tunnels In Jointed Rock Mass…Roy, Nishant; Bharti, Prof. S.D.
2018-06-01Electrochemical Treatment Of Textile Wastewater Using 3D Rotating Anode...Choudhary, Aditya; Mathur, Prof. Sanjay
2019-01-01Gainful Utilization Of Limestone (Kota Stone) Waste As Pavement Material…Gautam, Pradeep Kumar; Kalla, Dr. Pawan; Jethoo, Dr. Ajay Singh
2018-03-01Geographic Information System Based Disease Surveillance And Optimum Clustering…Mala, Shuchi; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2015-08-01Groundwater Modelling using FDM in Chaksu region....Poonia, Nidhi; Associate Professor, Dr. Mahender Choudhary,
2016-08-01Highway Drainage Maintenance And Safety : A Case StudySingh, Pratap; Choudhary, Dr. Mahender
2018-03-01Impacts Of Land use/ land Cover Changes On Micro-Climate And Optimum Adaptation Measures…Singh, Surendra Pratap; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2018-12-01Influence Of Waste Tire Rubber Crumbles And Fibres On Geotechnical Properties Of Cemented Clayey Soil…Yadav, Jitendra Singh; Tiwari, Prof. S. K.
2019-01-01Land Use/ Land Cover Change And Urban Growth Modelling Using Geo-spatial Techniques And Cellular Automata…Saxena, Ankita; Jat, Prof. Mahesh Kumar
2017-12-01Layout and component size optimization of Sewer network using spanning tree and Modified pso algorithm...Navin, Praveen Kumar; Mathur, Prof. Y. P.
2019-11-01Mechanical And Durability Studies On Cement Mortar Containing Kota-Stone (Dimensional Limestone) Waste…Chouhan, Harshwardhan Singh; Kalla, Dr. Pawan; Nagar, Prof. Ravindra
2017-02-01Mechanical and durability studies on Concrete Containing Kota-stone Waste...Rana, Aditya; Kalla, Dr. Pawan
2016-07-01Mechanics-Based Monotonic Load-Deformation Curves Of Beam To Column Joints For Nonlinear Seismic Analysis Of Steel Moment Frame Buildings...Kasar, Arnav Anuj; Bharti, Dr. S. D.
2017-01-01Modeling And Analysis Of Ready Mix Concrete Slump Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms-Artificial Neural Networks...Chandwani, Vinay; Agrawal, Dr. Vinay
2019-10-01Modeling Of Rainstorm-Generated Sediment Yield From Small Watersheds…Gupta, Sushindra Kumar; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant; Jethoo, Prof. Ajay Singh; Tyagi, Dr. Jaivir