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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01Loss Allocation Strategies For Distribution Network Usage Charges: some Investigations…Kumar, Pankaj; Gupta, Dr. Nikhil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2015-06-01Modeling And Analysis Of Residential Demand Response Programs With Real Time Pricing...Pal, Shalini; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2019-06-01Monitoring And Control Of Low Frequency Oscillations In Power System…Gupta, Abhilash Kumar; Verma, Dr. Kusum; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2018-04-01Multi-Objective Network Reconfiguration In Contemporary Distribution Systems…Kumar, Praveen; Gupta, Dr. Nikhil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2016-09-01Operation of distribution systems With distributed generation...K, Narayanan.; Fozdar, Prof. Manoj
2019-11-01Optimal Planning And Impact Analysis Of Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations In Distribution Systems…Shukla, Akanksha; Verma, Dr. Kusum; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2019-04-01Smart Microgrid Management Using Multi Agent System…A, Sujil; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2017-01-01Some investigations on distribution system Performance improvement...Kanwar, Neeraj; Gupta, Dr. Nikhil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2018-06-01Some Investigations On Distribution Systems Resources Optimization…Meena, Nand Kishor; Swarnkar, Dr. Anil
2019-12-01Some Investigations On Optimal Operation Of Microgrids…Parashar, Sonam; Swarnkar, Dr. Anil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2018-04-01Some Investigations On Power System Stabilizers For Small-Signal Stability Enhancement…Chitara, Dhanraj; Niazi, Prof. K. R.; Swarnkar, Dr. Anil
2019-07-01Some Studies On PMUs For Event Detection And Stability In Power Systems…Singh, Ajeet Kumar; Fozdar, Prof. Manoj
2018-10-01Voltage Stability Analysis and Congestion Management...Ratra, Saurabh; Tiwari, Prof. Rajive