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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-01Estimation of Soil Erosion Using Rusle And Arcgis In Dholpur District...Kumar, Umesh; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant
2016-06-01Optimization Of Sewer Network Using Genetic Algorithm...Gandhi, Prashant; Mathur, Dr. Y.P.
2016-06-01Multi-Objective Optimization of Treatment of Dairy Wastewater by Electro-coagulation Process and Modelling of Adsorption Kinetics, Adsorption Isotherms...Gupta, Saurabh; Associate Professor, Dr. Sanjay Mathur
2016-06-01Comparison of Pulsator and Conventional Clariflocculator for Residual Aluminium levels...Kothari, Neelam; Professor, Dr. A. B Gupta
2016-06-30Study of Land Surface Temperature with Surface index, a Parameters Combining Normalized Differential Vegetation Index and Impervious Surface...Sharma, Tanu; Khandelwal, Dr Sumit
2016-06-01Evaluation of Critical Combination of Geotechnical Parameters And Assessment of Seismic Fragility Curves For Rock Slopes..Fulwaria, Gaurav; Sarkar, Dr. Rajib; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2016-06-01Urban Land Cover change dynamics with increasing population scenario for Chandigarh and Ahmedabad cities, India..Chander; Assistant Professor, Dr Sumit Khandelwal
2016-06-01Glacier Facies Mapping Using Fcm And Evaluation of Its Accuracy...Sharma, Kritiza; Professor, Dr. Gunwant Sharma
2016-06-01Finite Element Analysis Of Shell Structures...Gautam, Ajay Kumar; Assistant Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal; Associate Professor, Dr. Rajesh Gupta
2016-06-01Comparison Of Pulsator Vs Conventional Clariflocculator For Turbidity Removal..Gupta, Megha; Professor, Dr. A.B. Gupta