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2015-08-01Zero Ultra-Flattened Dispersion Borosilicate Honeycomb Photonic Crystal Fiber…Meena, Neetika; Kumar, Dr. M. Ravi
2016-06-01Design And Characterization of Analog Multiplexer…Kumar, Satyendra; Boolchandani, Dr. D.
2016-06-01Mgo doped Lithium Niobate waveguides based All Optical Modulator…Sharma, Sanjay Kumar; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2017-06-01Image Compression And Decompression In Terms Of Power And Area…Meena, Pramila; Bhargava, Dr. Lava
2017-06-01Smart Stick For Visually Impaired Person…Jat, Richhpal; Sharma, Dr. Ritu
2017-06-01Isolation Enhancement In Mimo Antenna System For 5g Wireless Applications…Kumari, Durga; Sharma, Prof. K. K.
2017-06-01Face And Expression Recognition Using Pca And Distance Classifiers…Mekala, Lavanya; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh
2017-06-01Performance Analysis Of Ofdm System In Terms Of Ber And Papr…., Mandvi; Ghunawat, Dr. Ashish Kumar
2017-06-01Design And Simulation Of A Zno Based Thin Film Transistor & Design And Verification Of Bridges Based On Axi, Apb, And Ocp Using System Verilog…Goswami, Divya; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2017-06-01Lithium Niobate Based All Optical Devices For Photonics Integrated Circuits…Kumar, Harsh; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2017-06-01Parameter Evaluation And Simulation Of Junctionless Double Gate MOSFET Using Si, Ge And In0.53Ga0.47As Substrate with Different Dielectric Materials At 65nm, 45nm, 22nm and 16nm Technology Using Silvaco Atlas…Mehta, Kinnal; Varma, Dr. Tarun
2017-06-01Design And Analysis Of Spiral Photonic Crystal Fiber With Circular And Elliptical Air Holes For Flattened Dispersion And Birefringence Properties…Devi, Julie; Shama, Dr. Ritu
2017-06-01Gain Enhancement Of C-Band Antenna Using Fss Reflectors…Kumar, Suresh; Yadav, Prof. R. P.
2017-06-01A Bow Tie Type Substrate Integrated Waveguide (BTSIW) With Comparative Study Of Feeding Techniques…Choudhary, Anshu; Agrawal, Sanjeev
2017-06-01Design And Analysis Of Hexagonal, Octagonal And Decagonal Photonic Crystal Fibers For Various Optical Properties…Kaur, Amritveer; Sharma, Dr. Ritu
2017-06-01Optimum Uniform Illuminance And Communication In Indoor Vlc System Using Whale Optimization Algorithm…Kumawat, Ishwar Ram; Nanda, Dr. S. J.
2017-06-01Compact Mzi Switch Modulator For Visible Wavelengths…Jat, Suresh Chand; Kumar, Dr. M. Ravi
2017-06-01Simulation Of Four Wave Mixing Using Channel Spacing And Non-Linear Properties Of Fiber…Thakur, Shailja; Yadav, Prof. R. P.
2017-06-01Design and Analysis of Tunable Optical Filter Using Different Cavity Shapes…Meena, Annu; Ghunawat, Dr. Ashish Kumar
2017-06-01Router Architecture Using XY Routing…Kumari, Garima; Bhargava, Dr. Lava