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2017-06-01A Quad-Band Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna With Shorted Stubs for Microwave Applications…Lohar, Fateh Lal; Maddila, Dr. Ravi Kumar
2017-06-01Design And Implementation Of Ohmic Metal Contact RF MEMS Switch…Patel, Manish kumar; Boolchandani, Dr. D.
2017-06-01Hci Using Eye-Motion-Tracking…T V, Akhil; Agarwal, Sanjeev
2017-06-01Design Of A Large Vertical Displacement Electrothermal Bimorph Actuator And Clock Controller Automation, CDC, PLDRC And DFT…Thakral, Shilpa; Boolchandani, Dr. D.
2017-06-01A Tri Band Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Shorted Strip Technique…Deshpande, Abhinav Vinod; Sharma, Dr. M. M.; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2017-06-01Investigations On Heart Sound Signals For Disease Detection Using Fractional Fourier Transform…Kumawat, Dinesh; Sharma, Prof. K.K.
2017-06-01ONU-Internetworking in Passive Optical Networks…Manharbhai, Baria Dipikaben; Janyani, Dr. Vijay
2017-06-01High Electron Mobility Transistors For Microwave & High-Power Applications And Developing Child Scheduler Application For Smart Tv…Prasanna, Challa Krishna; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2017-06-01Three Phase Smart Meter…Nagar, Aniruddh; Agarwal, Sanjeev
2017-06-01Media Player Control Through Hand Recognition And Hand Detection…Khan, Afsha; Sahula, Prof. Vineet
2017-06-01Wdm Based Visible Light Communication System…Jangir, Anil Kumar; Kumar, Dr. M. Ravi
2017-07-01FPGA based Secure and Reliable Face Recognition System...Sharma, Vipul; Joshi, Dr. Amit M
2017-07-01Enhancing Light Extraction Efficiency Of GaN/InGaN Light Emitting Diode By Using Nano Structures…Jakhar, Alka; Janyani, Prof. Vijay
2017-07-01Implementation Of Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm - Present And Register Configuration And Va…Singh, Shashank; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2017-07-01Moving Object Detection And Classification For Visual Surveillance System…Kumar, Mahesh; Bairathi, Rakesh
2017-07-01Design And Implementation Of AMBA-AHB Based Memory Controller…Gehalot, Rakesh; Bairathi, Rakesh
2017-07-01Speaker Identification through natural and whisper speech signal…Singh, Amrita; Joshi, Dr. Amit
2017-07-01Dissertation Report On Design And Analysis Of Low Voltage High Speed Double Tail Comparator…Agrawal, Ansh; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2018-06-01Modeling And Simulation Of Ofdm Scheme Using Qam For Radio Over Fiber…Singh, Vijay; Janyani, Prof. Vijay
2018-06-01Transfer Learning Based Classification Of Medical Images…Soni, Chandra Prakash; Bhargava, Dr. Lava