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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Fabrication Of Micro – Features In Inconel 718 Superalloy Using Hybrid EDM Processes...Unune, Deepak Rajendra; Mali, Dr. Halal Singh
2019-09-01Facial Expression Recognition System Using Discriminant Features…Kilak, Abhishek Singh; Mittal, Dr. Namita
2020-01-01Fault Location In Active Distribution systems…Kumar, Ranjeet; Saxena, Dr. D.
2017-10-01“Financial Literacy and Behavioural Biases- A Study of Indian Investors”...Goyal, Nisha; Kumar, Dr. Satish; Rathore, Prof. A.P.S.
2017-06-01Financing Preferences and Determinants of Capital Structure-A Study of Small and Medium Enterprises...Rao, Purnima; Kumar, Dr. Satish; Madhavan, Dr. Vinodh
2019-04-01Fluorescent Carbon Dots And Carbon Nano-Onions: Synthesis And Multifunctional Application…Bhati, Anshu; Sonkar, Dr. Sumit Kumar
2016-05-01Fractional Approach To Fluid Dynamics...Khandelwal, Kavita; Associate Professor, Dr. VATSALA MATHUR
2018-03-01Framework For Accuracy Control And Contactless Inspection Of Parts With Free-Form Surfaces And Gd&T Features Using Reverse Engineering Approach...Pathak, Vimal Kumar; Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar
2016-02-01Framework For Energy-E_Cient Clustering Approach For Wireless Sensor Networks...Pal, Vipin; Professor, Dr. R. P. Yadav; Associate Professor, Dr. Girdhari Singh
2019-11-01Frequency Response Mechanism In Low Carbon Power System…Prakash, Vivek; Tiwari, Prof. H. P.; Bhakar, Dr. Rohit
2019-04-01Functionalized Nano-channels In Polymeric Membranes For Hydrogen Separation…Kumar, Rajesh; Awasthi, Dr. Kamlendra
2019-01-01Gainful Utilization Of Limestone (Kota Stone) Waste As Pavement Material…Gautam, Pradeep Kumar; Kalla, Dr. Pawan; Jethoo, Dr. Ajay Singh
2018-03-01Geographic Information System Based Disease Surveillance And Optimum Clustering…Mala, Shuchi; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2015-08-01Groundwater Modelling using FDM in Chaksu region....Poonia, Nidhi; Associate Professor, Dr. Mahender Choudhary,
2016-08-01Highway Drainage Maintenance And Safety : A Case StudySingh, Pratap; Choudhary, Dr. Mahender
2016-07-01Hybrid Disinfection of Sewage Using Chlorine and UV/Ozone in Series to Optimize the Process...Verma, Kavita; Professor, Prof. K.D. Gupta; Professor, Prof. A.B. Gupta
2015-12-01The Impact Of Displacement On The Formation Of New Values In The Novels Of Diasporic Indian Women Writers...Vijay, Kalpna; Assistant Professor, Dr. Preeti Bhatt
2018-11-01Impact Of Transnational Migration On Identities Of Chakmas In Northeast And Consequential Shifts In India’s Foreign Policy...Jain, Priyanka; Shekhawat, Dr. Vibhuti Singh
2018-03-01Impacts Of Land use/ land Cover Changes On Micro-Climate And Optimum Adaptation Measures…Singh, Surendra Pratap; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2019-02-01Individual And Social Paralysis In The Later Plays Of Arthur Miller…Singh, Ambika; Tandon, Prof. Nupur