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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10Annual Report - 2009 - 10Report - 2009 -10,Annual; 2010, 2009 -
2010-11Annual Report - 2010 - 11Report - 2010 - 11, Annual; 2011, 2010
2011-09Annual Report - 2011 - 12Report - 2011 - 12, Annual
2012-09Annual Report - 2012 - 13Report - 2012 - 13, Annual
2013-10Annual Report - 2013 - 14Report - 2013 - 14, Annual
2014-09Annual Report - 2014 - 15Report - 2014 - 15, Annual
2016-05-01Annual Report - 2015 - 16Report - 2015 - 16, Annual
2017-04-01Annual Report - 2016 - 2017Report - 2016 - 17, Annual
2016-07-08Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Conceptual Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs...Sancheti, Gaurav; Professor, Dr. Ravindra Nagar; Asst. Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal
2019-06-01Application of machine learning for Breast cancer diagnosis…Kumar, Nirdosh; Bhargava, Prof. Lava
2019-07-01Architectural Improvements For Secure Sdn Topology Discovery…Nehra, Ajay; Tripathi, Dr. Meenakshi
2018-04-01Aspect Oriented Approach For Testing Software Applications And Automatic Aspect Creation...Jain, Manish; Gopalani, Dr. Dinesh
2015-06-01Assesment Of Environmental Performance Measures In Process Sector Industries...Nalwaya, Sulabh; Professor, Dr. G. S. Dangayach
2019-11-01Assessment and Optimization of Textile Wastewater Management for Environmental Sustainability in India…Pattnaik, Punyasloka; Dangayach, Prof. Govind Sharan
2015-06-01Assessment Of Achieving Sustainability In Indian Automobile Industry Through Lean Manufacturing...Kumawat, Dharmendra Kumar; Assistant Professor, Mr. Mukesh Kumar
2016-06-01Assessment of Barriers & Enablers to Sustainable Product Returns and Recovery Practices in Manufacturing Industry...Garg, Vishal; Dangayach, Prof. G. S.
2016-06-02Assessment Of Operational Parameters And Efficacy Of Sand Filtration For The Removal Of Tkn, Ammonical Nitrogen, Nitrates And Phosphates From Greywater...Saxena, Kanika; Associate Professor, Dr. Urmila Brighu
2015-06-01Attacks And Mitigation In Web Browsers...Saini, Anil; Gaur, Dr. Manoj Singh; Laxmi, Dr. Vijay
2019-06-01Automatic Bone Segmentation from X-ray Images…Meena, Somendra; Agrawal, Dr. Sanjeev
2019-06-01Automatic Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy for Colour Fundus Images…Rathore, Sonali; Sharma, Dr. K. K.