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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-01Synthetic Studies Towards Coupling Reactions: Chemistry And Biology Of Bio-Active Alkaloids...Sharma, Vashundhara; Chaudhary, Prof. Sandeep
2019-06-01System Monitoring Tool for Remote Debugging, Monitoring and Validation...Upadhyay, Monika; Yadav, Prof. R.p.
2015-06-01A Teaching Learning Based Optimization Approach For Assembly Line Balancing Problem...Kumar, Vivek; Assistant Professor, Dr. Gunjan Soni
2016-03-01Techniques For Analysis And Detection Of Android Malware...Faruki, Parvez; Laxmi, Dr. Vijay; Professor, Manoj Singh Gaur
2015-11-01Techno-Economic Comparison Of Small Scale Solar Thermal And Solar Photovoltaic Cooling Systems...Lal, Bachchu; Professor, Dr.- Ing. Jyotirmay Mathur
2016-07-01Temporal variation of inflow to the dams of Rajasthan state with special reference to Ramgarh and bisalpur dams...Gupta, Naveen Kumar; Jethoo, Dr. Ajay Singh
2017-06-01Three Phase Smart Meter…Nagar, Aniruddh; Agarwal, Sanjeev
2015-06-01To Study The Effect Of The Phase Change Material On The Performance Of A Solar Still...Saini, Krishan Avtar; Associate Professor, Dr. Nirupam Rohatgi
2018-06-01Transfer Learning Based Classification Of Medical Images…Soni, Chandra Prakash; Bhargava, Dr. Lava
2019-10-01Transition Metal Catalyzed Greener Approach For The Synthesis Of Aryl Ketones And Amides…Ali, Munsaf; Joshi, Dr. Raj Kumar
2016-12-01Treatment Of Textile Wastewater Using Soil As A Low-Cost Adsorbent...Priya; Priya; Brighu, Dr. Urmila
2017-01-01Treatment, recycle and reuse of waste From handmade paper industry...Saakshy; Singh, Dr. Kailash
2017-06-01A Tri Band Reconfigurable Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Shorted Strip Technique…Deshpande, Abhinav Vinod; Sharma, Dr. M. M.; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2016-06-01Tribo-Performance Of Multilayer Surface Coating On Granite Dust Filled Metal Alloy Composites...Gautam, Vikash; Assistant Professor, Dr. Amar Patnaik; Director, Prof. I.K. Bhat
2019-01-01Tuning the Structural And Optical Properties Of GeO2 Thin Films…Rathore, Mahendra Singh; Nelamarri, Dr. Srinivasa Rao
2016-06-01Urban Land Cover change dynamics with increasing population scenario for Chandigarh and Ahmedabad cities, India..Chander; Assistant Professor, Dr Sumit Khandelwal
2015-07-01Use Of Jarosite As Part Replacement Of Fine Aggregates In Concrete And Its Effects On DurabilityMehra, Priyansha; Gupta, Dr. R.C.
2016-06-01Using Fuzzy AHP and DEAHP Methods for supplier selection in a manufacturing company...Barman, Pankaj Kumar; Mittal, Dr. M L
2018-11-01Utilisation Of Bone China Ceramic Waste As Fine Aggregate In Sustainable Concrete…Siddique, Salman; Shrivastava, Dr. Sandeep; Chaudhary, Prof. Sandeep
2017-12-01Utilization of Marble Waste into Value Added Product- “Hydroxyapatite”...Mehta, Dhiraj; George, Dr. Suja