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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-01E-Commerce E-Commerce Supply Chain E-Commerce Supply Chain Performance Measurement- A Comparative Study of Indian E-Commerce(B2C) Industry…Badaya, Vikram; Rathore, Prof. Dr. A.P.S.
2018-01-01Effect of Al-5Ti-1B Master Alloy Grain Refiner on Mechanical Properties and Hot Tearing Susceptibility of Cast Al-7Si-3Cu Alloy…Rathi, Sachin Kumar; Sharma, Dr. Ashok
2015-06-01Effect Of Compression Ratio On Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Si Engine Fueled With Blends Of Nbutanol And Gasoline...Agarwal, Ankit; Professor, Prof. S. L. Soni
2017-05-01Effect Of Different Hydrophobic Treatments On Properties Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete…Mandoliya, Ramswaroop; Chaudhary, Dr. Sandeep
2017-06-01Effect Of Functionalization On The Thermal Conductivity Of Cnt/polymer Nanocomposites Using Reverse Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations…Chauhan, Ankit; Kumar, Dr. Dinesh
2017-01-01Effect of mechanical vibrations on grain refinement of AZ91 Mg alloy...Chaturvedi, Vatsala; Sharma, Ashok; Pandel, Upender
2016-06-01Effect Of Position Of Double Reinforcement Layer On Composite Sections…Teli, Jayesh Kumar; Chaudhary, Dr. Sandeep
2016-06-01Effect Of Position Of Singly Reinforcement Layer In Steel-Concrete Composite Section…Karwasra, Rahul; Chaudhary, Dr. Sandeep
2016-05-01Effect Of Pressure, Concentration And Heat Flux On Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Nanofluids...Prajapati, Om Shankar; Associate Professor, Dr. Nirupam Rohatgi
2018-07-01Effects Of Discontinuities On The Behavior Of Tunnels In Jointed Rock Mass…Roy, Nishant; Bharti, Prof. S.D.
2016-06-01Effects Of Noise On Jaipur Low Floor Bus Driver’s Performance…Jagrawal, Manoj Kumar; bhardwaj, Dr. Awadhesh
2017-12-01Efficiient Techniques for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Environment...Mishra, Preeti; Shubhakar, Dr. Pilli Emmanuel
2018-06-01Electrochemical Treatment Of Textile Wastewater Using 3D Rotating Anode...Choudhary, Aditya; Mathur, Prof. Sanjay
2019-07-01Emg Feature Extraction and Classification Implementation on FPGA…Meena, Chandrakanta; Joshi, Dr. Amit M.
2015-01-01An empirical analysis of relationship Between the employees' competencies And quality of work life...Choudhary, Manisha; Sharma, Dr. Dipti
2017-04-01Empirical Investigation Of India’s Trade With Eu And Asean Countries...Singh, Shikha; Sharma, Dr. Dipti
2017-09-01Empirical investigation of lean management In indian service industry...Gupta, Shradha; Sharma, Dr Monica
2018-05-01Empirical Investigations Of Supply Chain practices In Indian Healthcare Industries...Mathur, Bhavana; Dangayach, Dr. Govind Sharan
2018-12-01An Empirical Study Of Agri-Fresh Food Supply Chain Quality (Afscq) In Select Indian Industries...Siddh, Man Mohan; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Jain, Dr. Rakesh
2018-04-01Energy Efficient & Flexible Gigabit Optical Access Networks...Garg, Amit Kumar; Janyani, Dr. Vijay