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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Land Use/ Land Cover Change And Urban Growth Modelling Using Geo-spatial Techniques And Cellular Automata…Saxena, Ankita; Jat, Prof. Mahesh Kumar
2017-12-01Layout and component size optimization of Sewer network using spanning tree and Modified pso algorithm...Navin, Praveen Kumar; Mathur, Prof. Y. P.
2019-04-01Lean Initiatives In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises…Yadav, Vinod; Jain, Prof. Rakesh; Mittal, Prof. M.L.
2019-12-01Lean Initiatives In Software Development Projects…Yadav, RamKaran; Mittal, Prof. M. L.; Jain, Prof. Rakesh
2015-06-01Life Cycle Analysis Of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing...Pratik, Rao; Professor, Dr. G.S. Dangayach
2017-06-01Light Trapping in Photonic Crystal Based Thin Film Solar Cells…Gupta, Nikhil Deep; Janyani, Dr. Vijay
2017-06-01Lithium Niobate Based All Optical Devices For Photonics Integrated Circuits…Kumar, Harsh; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2020-01-01Long-Term System Planning for Large-Scale Renewable Energy Integration: Methodology Development…Das, Partha; Mathur, Prof. Jyotirmay; Bhakar, Dr. Rohit; Kanudia, Dr. Amit
2019-08-01Loss Allocation Strategies For Distribution Network Usage Charges: some Investigations…Kumar, Pankaj; Gupta, Dr. Nikhil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2019-06-01Low Frequency Noise Reduction in Analog CMOS IC…Meena, Teena; Boolchandani, Prof. D.
2019-07-01Machinability Of Micro-Features On Tin-Al2o3 Ceramic-Composite By Hybrid-Edm For Micro-Reactors…Baghel, Rupali; Mali, Dr. Harlal Singh; Biswas, Prof. Sampad Kumar
2019-06-01Machine Learning Based Attack Analysis on PUFS…Kumar, Lokesh; Sahula, Prof. Vineet
2018-11-01Machine Learning Techniques For Vision Based Human Gait Analysis...Prakash, Chandra; Mittal, Dr. Namita; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2015-06-01Machining Performance Of Aisi P20 Steel With Graphite And Tungusten Based Electrode On Edm...Kumar, Arun; Associate Professor, Mr. Amit Pancharya
2019-04-01Materials-Structure-Property Correlation Of Tungsten Containing High Entropy Alloys…Kumar, Devesh; Kumar, Dr. Vinod; Prasad, Dr. Y.V.S.S.; Sharma, Dr. V.K.
2019-05-01Mathematical Modeling And Experimental Study Of Air Gap Membrane Distillation For Separation Of Hcl/Water Azeotrope…Kalla, Sarita; Upadhyaya, Dr. Sushant; Singh, Prof. Kailash
2019-12-01Mathematical Modeling For Estimating Ergonomic Compatibility Of Passenger Cars Using Fuzzy Approach…Dutta, Ashish; Rathore, Prof. A.P.S.
2019-11-01Mechanical And Durability Studies On Cement Mortar Containing Kota-Stone (Dimensional Limestone) Waste…Chouhan, Harshwardhan Singh; Kalla, Dr. Pawan; Nagar, Prof. Ravindra
2017-02-01Mechanical and durability studies on Concrete Containing Kota-stone Waste...Rana, Aditya; Kalla, Dr. Pawan
2015-06-01Mechanical And Tribological Characterization Of Particulate Filled Al7075 Alloy Hybrid Composites For Piston Ring Material...Mishra, Shivam; Assistant Professor, Dr. Amar Patnaik