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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01Salient Object Detection In Both Clean And Noisy Images…Singh, Maheep; Govil, Dr. Mahesh Chandra; Shubhakar, Dr. Pilli Emmanuel
2019-07-01Scalability Analysis and Performance Comparison of Junctionless Thin Film Transistors…Agrawal, Garima; Sahu, Dr. Chitrakant
2018-10-01Secread: Security-Aware Requirements Elicitation, Assessment And Design Methodology...Goel, Rajat; Govil, Prof. Mahesh Chandra; Singh, Dr. Girdhari
2018-04-01Secret Sharing Schemes For Multimedia Data...Deshmukh, Maroti; Nain, Dr. Neeta; Ahmed, Dr. Mushtaq
2019-10-01Seismic Behavior And Retrofitting Of Steel Frames Under The Sequence Of Mainshock And Aftershock…Narayan, Shashi; Shrimali, Prof. M. K.; Bharti, Prof. S. D.; Goyal, Dr. Pradeep K.
2018-07-01Seismic Control of Partially Observed Building Frames using MR Dampers…Bhaiya, Vishist; Bharti, Prof. S. D.; Shrimali, Prof. M. K.
2016-06-01Seismic Response Of Tunnel Structure:Effect Of Stratigraphy And Assessment Of Fragility Curves...Pareek, Komal; Sarkar, Dr. Rajib
2016-06-01Seismic Retrofitting is in general referred to technique...Sumit
2019-06-01Self Biased Cascode Op Amp...Kumar, Golkonda Vinay; Agrawal, Dr. Sanjeev
2019-02-01Shiny Perspectives Of The Pollutant Black Carbon Soot…Singh, Anupriya; Sonkar, Dr. Sumit Kumar
2018-07-01Ship Routing Optimization Among Brics...Tyagi, Pravendra Kumar; Agarwal, Prof. G.
2019-07-01Signal Recovery in Underwater Acoustic Channel Using Optimization Techniques…Khatak, Kamal Singh; Yadav, Prof. R.p.
2019-07-01Simulation and Performance Comparison of Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor…Jakhar, Ajit; Sahu, Dr. Chitrakant
2019-08-01Simulation and Performance Investigation of Double Gate Junctionless Transistor for Ultra-Low Power…Sharma, Shashank; Sahu, Dr. Chitrakant
2019-08-01Simulation Based Study of Double Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistor As A Biosensor...Chola, Hemant; Varma, Dr. Tarun
2019-06-01A Simulation Based Study of Gate Underlap Double Gate Junctionless Mosfet as a Bio-Sensor…Dautaniya, Arvind; varma, Dr. Tarun
2017-06-01Simulation Of Four Wave Mixing Using Channel Spacing And Non-Linear Properties Of Fiber…Thakur, Shailja; Yadav, Prof. R. P.
2019-07-01Simulation, Analysis and Performance Comparison of Multi-level Voltage Shifters…Tiwari, Akanksha; Sahu, Prof. Chitrakant
2019-07-01Simulation-Based Study of High Performance Double Gated Fd-Soi Transistor for Ph Sensing Applications…Kumar, Naveen; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2019-06-01Simultaneous Face Detection, Pose Estimation, Gaze Estimation, Face Recognition in Gathering Using ERT…Bhandari, Saransh; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh