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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01Development Of Heuristics For Integrated Selection And Scheduling Of Projects…Kumar, Manish; Mittal, Prof. M. L.; Soni, Dr. Gunjan
2019-07-01Machinability Of Micro-Features On Tin-Al2o3 Ceramic-Composite By Hybrid-Edm For Micro-Reactors…Baghel, Rupali; Mali, Dr. Harlal Singh; Biswas, Prof. Sampad Kumar
2019-07-01Experimental Studies On Thumba Oil Operated VCR Engine For Long Term Durability…Jain, Narayan Lal; Poonia, Prof. M. P.; Soni, Prof. Shyam Lal
2019-12-01Mathematical Modeling For Estimating Ergonomic Compatibility Of Passenger Cars Using Fuzzy Approach…Dutta, Ashish; Rathore, Prof. A.P.S.
2019-08-01Development Of Human Body Vibratory Models And Dynamic Analysis Of Motorcycle-Rider System…Gupta, Manoj; Gupta, Dr. T. C.
2019-08-01Development Of Heuristics For Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling…Joshi, Dheeraj; Mittal, Prof. M. L.
2019-07-01Analyze The Impact Of Different Parameters And Their Interactions Effect On Railroad Capacity Utilization…Saini, Neeraj; Agarwal, Prof. G.
2019-05-01Development Of New Materials And Design Modifications Of Knee Joint Prosthesis To Improve Fatigue Life And Wear…Guglani, Lalit; Gupta, Dr. T.C.
2019-04-01Integrated Production And Distribution Planning In Multi-Site Manufacturing Scenario…Badhotiya, Gaurav Kumar; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Mittal, Dr. M. L.
2019-01-01Inventory Optimization In Distribution Network Under Uncertain Environment…Vats, Peeyush; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Rathore, Dr. Ajay Pal Singh