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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-10Annual Report - 2009 - 10Report - 2009 -10,Annual; 2010, 2009 -
2010-11Annual Report - 2010 - 11Report - 2010 - 11, Annual; 2011, 2010
2011-01-01Comparative study on performance of ptfe and Pvdf membranes for water desalination using Vacuum membrane distillation..Singh, Jitendra Kumar; Chaurasia, Dr. S. P.
2011-09Annual Report - 2011 - 12Report - 2011 - 12, Annual
2012-01-01Defluoridation Studies Using Calcium Based Compounds..Mondal, Poonam; George, Dr. Suja
2012-09Annual Report - 2012 - 13Report - 2012 - 13, Annual
2013-10Annual Report - 2013 - 14Report - 2013 - 14, Annual
2014-03-01Analysis Of Transcritical CO2/Propylene Cascaded System...Dubey, Alok Manas; Associate Professor, Dr. G.D. Agrawal; Professor, Dr. Suresh Kumar
2014-06-01Behavior-Based Dynamic Malware Detection Techniques...Naval, Smita; Laxmi, Vijay; Rajarajan, Muttukrishnan
2014-07Analyses Of Gas-Liquid And Gas-Liquidsolid Foam-Bed Reactors...Arya, Isha; Jana, Dr. S.K.
2014-07-01Catalysis & Nanocatalysis For Green Organic Transformations...Madan, Yogita; Associate Professor, Dr.Ragini Gupta; Associate Professor, Dr.Meenakshi Jain
2014-07-15Study of Non-Revenue Water With Special Reference to Jaipur City...Vijay, Arvind; Professor, Dr. Y. P. Mathur
2014-08Study of batch emulsion polymerization Of pmma: modeling and control......Arora, Parul; Gupta, Dr. Alok
2014-08-01Investigations On Small Signal Stability In Multimachine Power System...Saxena, Akash; Supervisor & Associate Professor, Dr.Vikas Gupta
2014-09Annual Report - 2014 - 15Report - 2014 - 15, Annual
2014-12-01Dosimetric Aspects Of A-Si Based EPID And Its Application In Advance Radiotherapy...Jassal, Kanan; Associate Professor, Dr. K. Sachdev; Professor, Dr. A. Chougule
2015-01-01Synthesis And Characterisation Of Some Medicinally Important Spiro And Condensed Heterocycles Through Green Approach...Maheshwari, Shuchi; Associate Professor, Dr. Jyoti Joshi
2015-01-01An empirical analysis of relationship Between the employees' competencies And quality of work life...Choudhary, Manisha; Sharma, Dr. Dipti
2015-05-01Development Of An Integrated Framework For Aligning New Product Development And Supply Chain Management Activities...Pareek, Ankur; Professor, Dr. A.P.S. Rathore; Professor, Dr. Rakesh Jain
2015-06-01Attacks And Mitigation In Web Browsers...Saini, Anil; Gaur, Dr. Manoj Singh; Laxmi, Dr. Vijay