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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-01An Accelerated Degradation Test Planning Using Inverse Gaussian Process For Reliability Prediction...Nafees, Areesha; Professor, Prof. Rakesh Jain
2019-10-01Adaptive Control Of A Non-isothermal Fixed Bed Reactor…Pundir, Avdesh Singh; Singh, Dr. Kailash
2019-05-01Adsorptive Removal Of Copper, Cadmium And Chromium From Wastewater: Modelling And Experimental Study…., Renu; Agarwal, Dr. Madhu; Singh, Prof. Kailash
2019-06-01Age Estimation Using Wrinkle Features and Face Triangle…Jewaria, Pinki; sharma, Dr. Kamlesh kumar
2018-12-01Agent Based Production Scheduling in Job Shop Manufacturing System…Shukla, Om Ji; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2014-07Analyses Of Gas-Liquid And Gas-Liquidsolid Foam-Bed Reactors...Arya, Isha; Jana, Dr. S.K.
2016-06-01Analysing Risk In New Product Development Process: A Case Study…Kushwah, Madhubala; Rathore, Prof. Dr. A.P.S.
2015-06-01Analysis Of Aluminium Alloy (AA6061) Matrix Composite Reinforced By Boron Carbide And Molybdenum Disulfide...Kumar, Yogesh; Assistant Professor, Mr. Mukesh Kumar
2016-11-01Analysis of energy efficiency improvement Opportunities in hotels of jaipur city...Chedwal, Rajesh; Mathur, Dr. Jyotirmay; Das Agrawal, Dr. Ghanshyam
2019-06-01Analysis Of Fso Channel Using Log Normal Model And Different Modulation Techniques…Gupta, Akash; Janyani, Prof. Vijay
2016-06-01Analysis of Motorcycle Model for Road Bumps...Jadhav, Mangesh; Gupta, Dr. T. C.
2019-07-01Analysis of the Impacts of Uplink Co-channel Interference on Cell Coverage…Verma, Richa; Yadav, Prof. R.P.
2014-03-01Analysis Of Transcritical CO2/Propylene Cascaded System...Dubey, Alok Manas; Associate Professor, Dr. G.D. Agrawal; Professor, Dr. Suresh Kumar
2018-11-01Analysis Techniques For Intra And Inter App(s) In Android...Bhandari, Shweta; Gaur, Prof. Manoj Singh; Laxmi, Prof. Vijay; Zemmari, Dr. Akka
2019-07-01Analyze The Impact Of Different Parameters And Their Interactions Effect On Railroad Capacity Utilization…Saini, Neeraj; Agarwal, Prof. G.
2017-06-01Analyzing The Relationships In Product Architecture Using DSM, DMM, And MDM…Chandel, Pritam Kumar; Rathore, Prof. Dr. A.P.S.
2009-10Annual Report - 2009 - 10Report - 2009 -10,Annual; 2010, 2009 -
2010-11Annual Report - 2010 - 11Report - 2010 - 11, Annual; 2011, 2010
2011-09Annual Report - 2011 - 12Report - 2011 - 12, Annual
2012-09Annual Report - 2012 - 13Report - 2012 - 13, Annual