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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-01Evaluation of Critical Combination of Geotechnical Parameters And Assessment of Seismic Fragility Curves For Rock Slopes..Fulwaria, Gaurav; Sarkar, Dr. Rajib; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2017-06-01Evaluation Of Drivers And Barriers For Agent Technology In Manufacturing System…Joshi, Abhijeet; Soni, Dr. Gunjan
2017-06-01Evaluation Of Drivers And Barriers For Sustainability In Indian Marble Industries…Jangid, Vishnu; Soni, Dr. Gunjan
2020-01-01Evaluation Of Power System Stability In Multimachine Power System…Soni, Bhanu Pratap; Gupta, Prof. Vikas
2016-06-01Evaluation Of Risk Related To Musculoskeletal Disorders On Building Construction Sites…Dagur, Arun Singh; Bhardwaj, Prof. Awadhesh
2017-02-01Evidence Gathering and Language Alignment in Question Answering...Sharma, Lokesh Kumar; Mittal, Dr. Namita
2019-02-01Experimental And Modelling Studies On Neem (Azadirachta Indica) Oil Coated Urea…Meena, Shiv Om; Vashishtha, Dr. Manish
2015-06-01Experimental Investigation And Parametric Optimization Of Die Steel, Inconel 718 And Nimonic 80 In Powder Mixed Abrasive Electric Discharge Grinding Process...Singh, Vijay Pratap; Assistant Professor, Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
2015-06-01An Experimental Investigation to Evaluate Abrasion Wear Characteristics and Study the Effect of Micro Cracks on The Mechanical Properties of Various Marbles Types of Rajasthan Region...Choudhary, Rohit; Assistant Professor, Dr. Harlal Singh Mali
2016-04-01Experimental Studies And Simulation On Alternative Fuel Operated Micro System For Residential Applications Mechanical Engineering Department Malaviya National Institute Of Micro-Trigeneration...Sonar, Deepesh; Professor, Prof. S. L. Soni; Professor, Prof. Dilip Sharma
2017-06-01Experimental Studies On A Salt Gradient Solar Pond With Separating Glass And Internal Reflectors...Saini, Gautam; Rohatgi, Dr. Nirupam
2016-01-01Experimental studies on mechanical, thermal and erosive wear Characteristics of granite powder filled fiber reinforced Polymer composites for wind turbine blade...Pawar, Manoj Janardan; patnaik, Dr. Amar; nagar, Prof. Ravindra
2018-04-01Experimental Studies on Performance, Exhaust Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Acetylene-Diesel Fuelled Stationary Single Cylinder C.I. Engine...Srivastava, Anmesh Kumar; Soni, Prof. S.L.; Sharma, Prof. Dilip
2017-06-01Experimental Studies On Stationary Single Cylinder CI Engine Operated On Jatropha-Diesel Blended Fuel With Antioxidant To Minimize NOx Emissions…Singh, Digambar; Soni, Prof. S. L.
2019-07-01Experimental Studies On Thumba Oil Operated VCR Engine For Long Term Durability…Jain, Narayan Lal; Poonia, Prof. M. P.; Soni, Prof. Shyam Lal
2019-07-01Experimental Study On Defluoridation Of Drinking Water Using Alum & Poly Aluminium Chloride And Speciation Of Alumino Fluoro Complexes…Dubey, Swati; Agarwal, Dr. Madhu; Gupta, Prof. A. B.
2017-08-01Experimental thermal performance study on heat Storage unit using beeswax and graphite...Dinker, Abhay; Agarwal, Dr. Madhu
2019-08-01Exploration Of Energy Efficient Manycore Networks-on-chip Architectures…Yadav, Sonal; Gaur, Prof. Manoj Singh; Laxmi, Prof. Vijay
2019-06-01Exploration, Design and Analysis of Reversible Circuits using Quantum Computation…Sharma, Garima; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh
2015-06-01Extractive Automatic Text Summarization Based On Voting And Filtering TechniquesMeena, Yogesh Kumar; Gopalani, Dr. Dinesh