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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-06-01Impact Of Use Of Marble Waste On The Properties Of Light Transmitting Concrete...Chawla, Anjali; Professor, Dr. A.K.Vyas
2018-03-01Impacts Of Land use/ land Cover Changes On Micro-Climate And Optimum Adaptation Measures…Singh, Surendra Pratap; Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar
2015-06-01Implementation Of Lean Tools For Process Improvement In A Manufacturing Industry- A Case Study…Pandey, Bhavna; Rathore, Prof. Dr. A. P. S.
2017-07-01Implementation Of Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm - Present And Register Configuration And Va…Singh, Shashank; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2019-02-01Individual And Social Paralysis In The Later Plays Of Arthur Miller…Singh, Ambika; Tandon, Prof. Nupur
2019-08-01Influence Of Multi-Ion Substitution On Physicochemical And Biological Properties Of Hydroxyapatite…Reger, Nimu Chand; Bhargava, Prof. A. K.; Balla, Dr. Vamsi Krishna
2018-12-01Influence Of Waste Tire Rubber Crumbles And Fibres On Geotechnical Properties Of Cemented Clayey Soil…Yadav, Jitendra Singh; Tiwari, Prof. S. K.
2018-02-01An Integrated Approach For Risk Management In New Product Development Process...Chauhan, Avanish Singh; Rathore, Dr. Ajay Pal Singh; Soni, Dr. Gunjan
2016-06-01An Integrated Approach to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Utilities of Key Attributes of a Product in the Design Phase of Product Development Process...Kumar, Rakesh; Rathore, Prof. Dr. A. P. S.
2019-04-01Integrated Production And Distribution Planning In Multi-Site Manufacturing Scenario…Badhotiya, Gaurav Kumar; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Mittal, Dr. M. L.
2018-12-01Interpreting ‘Space’ In Alice Munro’s Short Stories...Avinashi, Pulak; Bhatt, Dr. Preeti
2019-01-01Inventory Optimization In Distribution Network Under Uncertain Environment…Vats, Peeyush; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Rathore, Dr. Ajay Pal Singh
2017-10-01Investigation of Grating based Resonating Structures on SOI Platform for Photonic Biosensors...Sahu, Sourabh; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2017-05-01An Investigation of High Performance Metal- Metal Oxide Multilayer Structure for Optoelectronic Applications…Sharma, Vikas; Sachdev, Dr. K.
2016-11-01An investigation of mechanical, thermal and wear properties of Marble dust/calcium oxide filled metal alloy composites for Ball bearing...Gangwar, Swati; Patnaik, Dr. Amar; Bhat, Prof. I.K.
2016-12-01Investigation of optical buffering and refractive index Sensing characteristics in fano resonance-based metalinsulator- Metal plasmonic waveguide...Zafar, Rukhsar; Salim, Dr. Mohammad
2015-06-01Investigation Of Supply Chain Quality Issues In Agri-Fresh Produce Supply Chain...Sharma, Suresh; Assistant Professor, Dr. Gunjan Soni
2017-12-01Investigation of ZnO and TiO2 Nanocrystalline Thin Films for Resistive Random Access Memory and Solar Cell Applications…Jain, Praveen Kumar; Salim, Dr. Mohammad
2019-01-01Investigation On Cascaded H-Bridge Five-Level Inverter-Based Active Power Filter…Ray, Soumyadeep; Gupta, Dr. Nitin; Gupta, Prof. R. A.
2020-01-01Investigation On Detection, Classification, And Location Of Faults In Transmission Lines For Improved Transfer Capability…Keshri, Jay Prakash; Tiwari, Prof. Harpal