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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06-01Modeling And Simulation Of Ofdm Scheme Using Qam For Radio Over Fiber…Singh, Vijay; Janyani, Prof. Vijay
2015-11-01Modeling And Synthesis Of Molecular Memory...Kumawat, Renu; Professor, Dr. Vineet Sahula; Professor, Dr. Manoj Singh Gaur
2016-01-01Modeling of mhd flow through Porous and non-porous boundaries...Kumar, Pradeep; Chaudhary, Dr. Santosh
2019-10-01Modeling Of Rainstorm-Generated Sediment Yield From Small Watersheds…Gupta, Sushindra Kumar; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant; Jethoo, Prof. Ajay Singh; Tyagi, Dr. Jaivir
2019-02-01Modelling The Dynamics Of An Artificial Micro-swimmer In A Viscous Fluid…., Priyanka; Mandal, Dr. Subhayan; Babu, Dr. Sujin
2016-06-01A Modified Close Neighbour Algorithm For Designing Cellular Manufacturing System…Bhaskar, Amit; Jain, Prof. Rakesh
2017-12-01Moisture dynamics in oil-filled power Transformers...Chakraborty, Sruti; Vashishtha, Dr.Manish
2017-06-01Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of CNTs And CNT-Nanocomposite Under Ballistic Impact…Rathi, Komal; Kumar, Dr. Dinesh
2019-06-01Monitoring And Control Of Low Frequency Oscillations In Power System…Gupta, Abhilash Kumar; Verma, Dr. Kusum; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2017-07-01Moving Object Detection And Classification For Visual Surveillance System…Kumar, Mahesh; Bairathi, Rakesh
2018-04-01Multi-Objective Network Reconfiguration In Contemporary Distribution Systems…Kumar, Praveen; Gupta, Dr. Nikhil; Niazi, Prof. K. R.
2015-11-01Multi-Objective Optimization Of The Electrocoagulation Process For Removal Of Fluoride From Drinking Water And Subsequent Control Of Residual Aluminium…Sinha, RIcha; Mathur, Dr. Sanjay
2016-06-01Multi-Objective Optimization of Treatment of Dairy Wastewater by Electro-coagulation Process and Modelling of Adsorption Kinetics, Adsorption Isotherms...Gupta, Saurabh; Associate Professor, Dr. Sanjay Mathur
2019-12-01Nanoparticles With Magnetic Core As A Versatile Catalyst For Organic Transformations…Kumari, Mitlesh; Gupta, Dr. Ragini
2017-09-01Nanostructured Block Copolymer Templates for Solar Cell Application…Kumari, Yogita; Awasthi, Dr. Kamlendra
2018-09-01Nbti Aware Support Vector Machine Based Surrogate Model For Analog Circuits...Khandelwal, Sapna; Boolchandani, Prof. Dharmendar
2018-08-01New Constructions Of Optical Codes, And Analysis For Sac - Ocdma Systems...Kumawat, Soma; Kumar, Dr. M. Ravi
2018-07-01New Image Fusion Schemes using Hilbert Vibration Decomposition (HVD), Fractional Fourier Transform (FRFT) and Graph Signal Processing (GSP) Techniques...Saxena, Nidhi; Sharma, Prof. Kamalesh Kumar
2019-07-01New Investigations In Integral Transforms and Fractional Integral Operators Involving Generalized Extended Mittag-Le_er Function And Extended Hurwitz Lerch Zeta Function With Applications To The Solution Of Fractional Di_erential Equations…Jolly, Nidhi; Jain, Prof. Rashmi
2018-01-01New Methods For Qrs Detection And Classi Cation In Ecg Signals…Sharma, Tanushree; Sharma, Prof. Kamalesh Kumar