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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Power Management Validation Using Accelerated Platform…Ullas; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2018-01-01Predictive analytics and machine Learning for mitigating Unintentional islanding in solar Pv distributed generation Systems…Vyas, Shashank; Kumar, Dr. Rajesh; Kavasseri, Dr. Rajesh
2015-11-01Preparation And Studies On Polycarbonate Matrix Nanocomposites For Electronic Applications...Sain, Pramod Kumar; Bhargava, Prof. A. K.; Prasad, Dr. Y. V. S. S.; Goyal, Dr. R. K.
2016-06-01Process Improvement Using Dmaic In Tyre Manufacturing Company…Gupta, Vikash; Meena, Dr. M. L.
2015-06-01Processing, Characterization And Evolution Of Epoxy And E-Glass Fibre Composite Filled With Zinc Sulphide For Automobile Body Panel Application...Kumar, Prabhat; Assistant Professor, Mr. Mukesh Kumar
2015-06-01Product Improvement Using Dmaic In Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company...Kumar, Pradeep; Assistant Professor, Dr. M. L. Meena
2016-06-01Project Selction Using Hybrid Ahp And Promethee…Bansal, Shrikant; Mittal, Dr. M. L.
2017-07-01QoS–aware Multicast Routing Protocols in MANETs...Singal, Gaurav; Gaur, Manoj Singh
2017-06-01A Quad-Band Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna With Shorted Stubs for Microwave Applications…Lohar, Fateh Lal; Maddila, Dr. Ravi Kumar
2019-12-01Query Translation And Disambiguation Approaches For Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval…Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Mittal, Dr. Namita
2015-06-01Regeneration Of Diesel Particulate Filter Installed On Mahindra 4 Cylinder 2.1 Liter Diesel Engine...Chandra, Pushkar; Professor, Prof. Dilip Sharma
2018-04-01Reliability Assessment Framework For A Multi-State Multi-Component System...Jain, Niketa; Rathore, Dr. Ajay Pal Singh; Jain, Dr. Rakesh; Yadav, Dr. Om Prakash
2019-08-01Reliability-aware Analysis And Design Of Network-on-chip…Sharma, Ashish; Gaur, Prof. Manoj Singh; Bhargava, Prof. Lava
2018-03-01Removal Of Textile Dyes From Aqueous Solution Using Reactive Adsorption...Sharma, Komal; Vyas, Dr. Raj K.; Dalai, Dr. Ajay K.
2016-06-01Replacement Of Conventional Bricks With Hollow Concrete Blocks Of Kota Stone Watse In Residential Tall Builsing...Rohit; Professor, Dr. Ravindra Nagar
2019-12-01Resource Efficient Fpga Implementation And Weighted Logarithmic Model For Enhancement Of Fog Degraded Images…Gupta, Hitendra; Sharma, Prof. K.K.
2016-11-01Robust supply chain design and Optimization under risks And uncertainties...Prakash, Surya; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Singh Rathore, Dr. Ajay Pal
2016-06-01Rotor Dynamic Modeling of Geared Systems...Chhaganbhai, Bajak Rahul; Gupta, Dr. T.C.
2017-06-01Router Architecture Using XY Routing…Kumari, Garima; Bhargava, Dr. Lava
2017-06-01Runoff Estimation In ArcGIS Using NRSC Curve Number Method Tutorial..Jat, Dr. Mahesh Kumar