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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-06-01“Study on Ion Irradiation Induced Modifications of P3HT and PCBM Materials”...Sharma, Trupti; Singhal, Dr. Rahul; Biswas, Dr. S. K.
2019-01-01A Study On Strength And Durability Of Cement Mortars Containing Granite Powder…Gupta, Lalit Kumar; Vyas, Prof. Ashok Kumar
2019-03-01A Study On Strength And Durability Of Cement Mortars Containing Marble Powder…K. I., Syed Ahmed Kabeer; Vyas, Prof. Ashok Kumar
2016-06-01A study on use of marble waste as fine aggregate in mortar...Khyaliya, Rajendra Kumar; Professor, A. K. Vyas
2016-06-02Study On Use of Quarry Dust As Fine Aggregate In Mortar...Kumar, Vikash; Professor, A. K. Vyas; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant
2015-06-01Suppliers Selection Using Fuzzy AHP And Fuzzy TOPSIS Method...Karwal, Ramesh; Associate Professor, Dr. M.L. Mittal
2019-06-01Svd Based Improved Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Image Tamper Detection and Self-Recovery for Color Images…Yadav, Aman; Bairathi, Dr. Rakesh
2015-01-01Synthesis And Characterisation Of Some Medicinally Important Spiro And Condensed Heterocycles Through Green Approach...Maheshwari, Shuchi; Associate Professor, Dr. Jyoti Joshi
2019-07-01Synthesis And Characterization Of Au Nanocrystals In Various Dielectric Oxides For Nonvolatile Memory Application…Vinod, Arun; Nelamarri, Dr. Srinivasa Rao
2019-07-01Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanocrystalline Diamond From Mechanically Alloyed Supersaturated Solid Solution Of Ni-Cgr…Kundan, Nitika; Keshri, Dr Anup Kumar; Soni, Prof. P. R.
2017-10-01Synthesis and Characterization of Pure and Doped SnO2 for Gas Sensing Studies…Gupta, Parul; Sharma, Dr. S. K.
2018-12-01Synthesis And Modifications Of Shape Memory Alloys Thin Films Using Energetic Ions...Kumar, Veeresh; Singhal, Dr. Rahul
2017-09-01Synthesis and Structural-Electrical Properties Correlation of Hybrid Polyaniline-CNT Nanocomposites...Kumar, Anil; Kumar, Vinod; Awasthi, Dr. Kamlendra
2020-01-01Synthesis And Tribological Study Of High Entropy Alloys…Kumar, Saurav; Pradhan, Dr. Ajaya Kumar; Patnaik, Dr. Amar; Kumar, Dr. Vinod
2019-12-01Synthesis Chemistry And Bioevaluation Of Some Bioactive Heterocycles…Sharma, Ritu; Chaudhary, Prof. Sandeep
2018-12-01Synthesis Of Nanocomposite Thin Films And Its Ion Irradiation Induced Modifications...Sharma, Himanshu; Singhal, Dr. Rahul
2019-06-01Synthesis, Characterization And Irradiation Of Fullerene Based Metal Nanocomposites…Sharma, Pooja; Singhal, Dr. Rahul; Banerjee, Prof. M.K.
2019-02-01Synthesis, Characterization And Modifications Of Nanocomposite Thin Films…Singh, Shushant Kumar; Singhal, Dr. Rahul
2018-12-01Synthetic Studies Towards Coupling Reactions: Chemistry And Biology Of Bio-Active Alkaloids...Sharma, Vashundhara; Chaudhary, Prof. Sandeep
2019-06-01System Monitoring Tool for Remote Debugging, Monitoring and Validation...Upadhyay, Monika; Yadav, Prof. R.p.