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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01Characterization Studies Of Ni-P-Tio2 Nanocomposite Coating On Mild Steel Deposited By Electroless Coating Method…Uttam, Vibha; Duchaniya, Dr. Rajendra Kumar
2017-03-01Classification of Malignant Brain Tumors using MRI by Machine Learning...Vidyarthi, Ankit; Mittal, Dr. Namita
2018-07-01Clustering Algorithms Based On Social Spider Optimization For Hyperspectral Image Analysis…Shukla, Urvashi Prakash; Nanda, Dr. Satyasai Jagannath
2015-11-01Compact Dual And Broadband Planar Antennas For Modern Communication Systems...Rawat, Sanyog; Professor, Dr. Kamalesh K. Sharma
2017-06-01Compact Mzi Switch Modulator For Visible Wavelengths…Jat, Suresh Chand; Kumar, Dr. M. Ravi
2016-06-01Comparative Analysis Of Different Controllers On Two Area Interconnected Power System Model Using Gravitational Search Algorithm...Kumar, Dev; Associate Professor, Dr. Vikas Gupta
2016-06-01Comparative Study Of Cost Efficiency Of Green Materials For Residential Buildings In India...Pittie, Tanu; Assistant Professor, Dr. Vinay Agrawal; Associate Professor, Dr. Rajesh Gupta
2011-01-01Comparative study on performance of ptfe and Pvdf membranes for water desalination using Vacuum membrane distillation..Singh, Jitendra Kumar; Chaurasia, Dr. S. P.
2015-06-01Comparison Of Different Ergonomic Risk Assessment Tools In A Repetitive High Risk Metal Works Industry...Mendiratta, Mohit; Professor, Dr. Awadhesh Bhardwaj
2016-06-01Comparison of Pulsator and Conventional Clariflocculator for Residual Aluminium levels...Kothari, Neelam; Professor, Dr. A. B Gupta
2016-06-01Comparison Of Pulsator Vs Conventional Clariflocculator For Turbidity Removal..Gupta, Megha; Professor, Dr. A.B. Gupta
2018-06-01Computational Study Of Mhd Boundary Layer Flow Problems...Choudhary, Mohan Kumar; Chaudhary, Dr. Santosh
2015-06-01A Conjoint Analysis Of User Preference For Home Theatre System Design...Kayal, Sudipto; Professor, Prof. (Dr.) Gopal Agarwal
2019-11-01Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Network…Sharma, Girraj; Sharma, Dr. Ritu
2019-08-01Coordinated Complexes With Functional Chelating Ligands Having Nitrogen And/or Oxygen Donor Atoms…Kumari, Tanuja; Joshi, Dr. Jyoti
2018-12-01Corrosion Investigations On As-Prepared And Ion-Implanted Zr-Based Bulk Amorphous Alloys...Sharma, Poonam; Sharma, Prof. S. K.; Dhawan, Prof. Anil
2019-07-01Coupling Improvement In Thin Films Using Metal Nanoparticles for Solar Cell Applications…Avneesh; Janyani, Prof. Vijay
2017-02-01Crop water management in semi-arid Climatic zone of Western Maharashtra...Dhotre, Sukhadeo Tukaram; Sharma, Prof. Gunwant
2019-12-01Crowd Density Estimation And Analysis…Lamba, Sonu; Nain, Dr. Neeta
2017-07-01Customized design and development of transtibial Prosthetic Socket for Improved Comfort using Reverse Engineering & Additive Manufacturing...Nayak, Chitresh; Singh, Dr. Amit; Chaudhary, Dr. Himanshu