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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-01Design and Performance Analysis of Visible Light Communication System with Noise Mitigation…Maurya, Vikram; Maddila, Dr. Ravi k.
2018-02-01Design and Performance Evaluation of Tuning Methods of PID Controller…Singh, Sanjay Kumar; Modani, Dr. S.G.; Boolchandani, Dr. D.
2017-06-01Design And Simulation Of A Zno Based Thin Film Transistor & Design And Verification Of Bridges Based On Axi, Apb, And Ocp Using System Verilog…Goswami, Divya; Periasamy, Dr. C.
2017-10-01Design and Synthesis of Planar Antenna Array in RF Domain using GA Modified Discretizing Technique of Taylor distribution and Analysis of Nanoparticle Arrays for Optical Antenna and Filter Design...Kanungo, Vinay; Salim, Dr. Mohammad
2019-03-01Design Development And Analysis Of Rapid Tooling Mold And Mold Inserts For Minimum Shrinkage And Warpage…Kumar, Sagar; Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar
2019-02-01Design Development Of Inverter Topologies And Control Techniques To Enhance The Operation Of Shunt Apf For Power Quality Improvement…Gali, Vijayakumar; Gupta, Dr. Nitin; Gupta, Prof. R. A.
2019-06-01Design of 1-D Photonic Crystal Filters…Shivaji, Cheepurupalli; Maddila, Dr. Ravi Kumar
2017-06-01Design Of A Large Vertical Displacement Electrothermal Bimorph Actuator And Clock Controller Automation, CDC, PLDRC And DFT…Thakral, Shilpa; Boolchandani, Dr. D.
2019-08-01Design of Elliptical Air Holes In Hexagonal Lattice Photonic Crystal Fiber For Liquid Sensing…Kumar, Ashish; Sharma, Dr. Ritu
2017-01-02Design of highly adaptive and fault-tolerant routing for Networks-on-chip...Kumar, Manoj; Gaur, Prof. Manoj Singh
2019-06-01Design of Narrow Linewidth Nonpolar M-Plane Ingan/Gan Micro-Scale Light Emitting Diode…Sharma, Lokesh; Maddila, Dr. Ravi K.
2019-07-01Design of Optical Logic Gates and Half Adder Using Soa…Kumar, Rahul; Singh, Dr. Ghanshyam
2019-07-01Design of Optical Logic Gates and Half Adder Using Electro-Optic Effect in Mach-Zehnder Interferometer…Prajapat, Manisha; singh, Prof. Ghanshyam
2019-06-01Design of Orthogonal Grey Wolf Optimization for Clustering...Sharma, Mohit; Nanda, Dr. Satyasai Jagannath
2020-01-01Design Of Statistical And Swarm Intelligence Based Declustering Models For Spatio-Temporal Seismicity Analysis…Vijay, Rahul Kumar; Nanda, Dr. Satyasai Jagannath
2018-12-01Design Studies On Some New Variants Of Klystron Amplifier...Kant, Deepender; Janyani, Dr. Vijay; Joshi, Dr. L M
2017-06-01Design, Development And Performance Analysis Of Fin Type Solar Air Heater With And Without Thermal Heat Storage…Inda, Chandrapal Singh; Sharma, Prof. Dilip
2017-06-01Design, Fabrication and Performance analysis of Heat Recovery Unit in Solar Thermal Energy Conversion System Used in Jaggery Making Process…Gora, Vikash; Kumar, Dr. M. Mohan Jagadeesh; Agarwal, Dr. G. D.
2018-12-01Design, Fabrication And Rf Characterization Of A Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator...Patel, Raju; Boolchandani, Prof. Dharmendar; Rangra, Prof. Kamaljit
2019-06-01Design, Simulations, and Characterization of Self Powered Cantilever Based Piezoelectric Micro-Power Generator for Cardiac Pacemaker…Sharma, Hitesh Kumar; Boolchandani, Dr. Dharmendra