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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-10-01Optimal Synthesis Of Linkages For Knee Joint Supporting Devices…Singh, Ramanpreet; Chaudhary, Prof. Himanshu; Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar
2018-12-01An Empirical Study Of Agri-Fresh Food Supply Chain Quality (Afscq) In Select Indian Industries...Siddh, Man Mohan; Soni, Dr. Gunjan; Jain, Dr. Rakesh
2018-11-01Development and Characterization of High-Entropy Alloys for High Temperature Applications…Kukshal, Vikas; Patnaik, Dr. Amar; Bhat, Prof. I. K.
2018-04-01Studies on Bio-Oxygenated Fuelled Stationary C.I. Engine...Nayyar, Ashish; Sharma, Prof. Dilip; Soni, Prof. S. L.
2018-04-01Experimental Studies on Performance, Exhaust Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Acetylene-Diesel Fuelled Stationary Single Cylinder C.I. Engine...Srivastava, Anmesh Kumar; Soni, Prof. S.L.; Sharma, Prof. Dilip
2018-03-01Studies on Emission Reduction Techniques in Automobiles...Gupta, Pradeep Kumar; Sharma, Prof. Dilip; Soni, Prof. S.L.
2018-03-01Studies on Thermal Storage Integrated Micro-Trigeneration System...Johar, Dheeraj Kishor; Sharma, Prof. Dilip; Soni, Prof. S.L.
2018-07-01Ship Routing Optimization Among Brics...Tyagi, Pravendra Kumar; Agarwal, Prof. G.
2018-03-01Framework For Accuracy Control And Contactless Inspection Of Parts With Free-Form Surfaces And Gd&T Features Using Reverse Engineering Approach...Pathak, Vimal Kumar; Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar
2018-05-01Empirical Investigations Of Supply Chain practices In Indian Healthcare Industries...Mathur, Bhavana; Dangayach, Dr. Govind Sharan