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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-10-01On algorithms for facial expression Recognition and their hardware Implementation...Patil, Rajesh A.; Sahula, Dr. Vineet; Mandal, Dr. A. S.
2016-05-01On Efficient And Accurate Surrogate Models Of Leakage In CMOS Gated Circuits...Garg, Lokesh; Professor, Dr. Vineet Sahula
2017-01-01On Recent Advances in Special Functions and Fractional Calculus With Applications...Harjule, Priyanka Ashok; Jain, Rashmi
2017-06-01ONU-Internetworking in Passive Optical Networks…Manharbhai, Baria Dipikaben; Janyani, Dr. Vijay
2016-09-01Operation of distribution systems With distributed generation...K, Narayanan.; Fozdar, Prof. Manoj
2018-12-01Opportunities And Constraints In Sustainability Of Nirmal Grams In Rajasthan…Mendiratta, Satish Raj; Choudhary, Prof. Mahender; Kumar, Prof. Sudhir
2017-06-01Optical Link Design for Digital Communication Systems..Janyani, Dr. Vijay
2016-06-01Optimal Design Of Sewer Network Using Ant Colony Algorithm...Kumar, Raviendra; Mathur, Prof. Y. P.
2016-08-01Optimal dynamic balancing and design of Planar mechanisms...Chaudhary, Kailash; Chaudhary, Dr. Himanshu
2019-03-01Optimal Placement Of Multi Actuators And Target Response Reduction In Active Control Of Building Frames…Charan, Rajshree; Bharti, Prof. S. D.; Shrimali, Prof. M. K.
2019-11-01Optimal Planning And Impact Analysis Of Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations In Distribution Systems…Shukla, Akanksha; Verma, Dr. Kusum; Kumar, Prof. Rajesh
2017-04-01Optimal sizing and placement of Energy storage in coordination With renewable distributed Generation…Kalkhambkar, Vaiju Nago; Kumar, Dr. Rajesh
2018-10-01Optimal Synthesis Of Linkages For Knee Joint Supporting Devices…Singh, Ramanpreet; Chaudhary, Prof. Himanshu; Singh, Dr. Amit Kumar
2016-06-01Optimization Of Primary Air Inlet Opening Of Tri-Sector Air Pre-Heater For Minimising Primary Air Pressure Drop In Air Pre Heater (Aph) & To Study The Effect Of Variation Of Rpm On Aph Performance Using Cfd Analysis…Rajput, Mohit; Chaudhary, Dr. Himanshu
2017-03-01Optimization of Process Parameters in Plastic Injection Moulding for Virgin and Composite Materials...Kumar, Deepak; Dangayach, Prof. G. S.; Rao, Prof. P. N.
2016-06-01Optimization Of Sewer Network Using Genetic Algorithm...Gandhi, Prashant; Mathur, Dr. Y.P.
2015-06-01Optimization Of Storage And Stacking Operations In Container Terminals...Mathur, Ayush; Professor, Prof. Rakesh Jain
2019-06-01Optimization of T-Shaped Full Adder Using Photonic Crystal…Singh, Shikha; Ghunawat, Dr. Ashish Kumar
2015-06-01Optimization Of The Total Cost Incurred In Warranty Policy...Vishal; Professor, Dr. Gopal Agarwal
2015-06-01Optimizing Hvac Control System Strategy By Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms...Thomas, Jermy Varghese; Associate Professor, Dr. Nirupam Rohatgi